About the Icon Of Mary Untier the Knots.

About the Icon Of Mary Untier the Knots. Buy The Quality Replica Of The Baroque Painting Online

The Icon of Mary Untier the Knots and its history

Throughout history, the Blessed Virgin Mary guided many believers to the light. There exist numerous depictions of her: with Her Divine Infant and alone. Among the most unusual images that believers love is the icon of Mary Untier of Knots.

Originally, it was a painting created at the dawn of the 18th century. Its history is quite interesting and, as always happens with wonder-working objects, is full is miracles. One noble man was one step away from getting divorced from his beloved wife. He didn’t want this separation to happen so he asked a local priest to help.

The wise priest took the wedding ribbon of the couple and began untying it in front of the image of St Mary with prayer. By this, he meant to resolve the issues between the spouses. When the priest finished, the ribbon became of brilliant white color. Thus, it became clear that the Mother of God heard the prayer. In memory of such a miraculous event, the noble man commissioned a painting.

Although many objects of worship were destroyed during wars and revolutions, this portrait of Mary survived. Many copies and replicas were created to meet the demand of Catholic believers who deeply honor the Mother of God and are particularly drawn to this very depiction.

The symbolism behind the image

Roman Catholic Church finds this icon meaningful and full of important messages. On the painting, the Blessed Virgin is surrounded by angels. The Holy Spirit, which took the form of a dove, is hovering above her head. However, the main attention is on the hands of Mary: she unties knots from a wedding ribbon as if smoothing all existing complications in the world.

There are many suppositions of what stands behind “knots”. Pope Francis mentioned multiple obstacles that bind our existence and activities in his recent speech in May 2021. He asked the Blessed Virgin to undo all knots of indifference, aggression, hostility, and political disputes. Only by smoothing out everything bad in life, we can be worthy of entering the Kingdom of Heaven.

The commitment to this painting has spread across the globe and reached the most distant places, like South America. People turn to this image when they feel “tangled” in all sorts of troubles, experience minor problems, or have complicated relationships with each other and God.

Information about the replica

You can pray in front of the icon of Mary Untier of Knots anytime when you need Mary’s guidance and God’s grace. Sincere words will always be heard and answered, no matter if you use the actual prayer or your own phrases.

When to turn to the Blessed Virgin? Basically, there are no specific rules. The gracious Queen of Heaven shows her mercy to everyone who believes in her. Most often people say a prayer to her when:

  • there’s a problem that they cannot fix;
  • they need to find a way to be closer to God;
  • they require Divine help in dealing with obstacles in their life.

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Buy the icon of Mary Untier of Knots

With a strong faith in God, nothing is impossible. That’s why people surround themselves with sacred images and other religious objects. Through them, they seek protection and patronage of heaven – the power that is stronger than any of us.

The icon of Mary Untier of Knots will be a wonderful addition to an icon corner or a thoughtful gift for a brother in faith. The Andcross Art Store puts every item into a beautiful gift box so you can send the parcel directly to the recipient. Place your order today and the divine light of the Mother of God will always be with you.

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