The Grace of Pilgrim Tours

In their journey to God, many people start small. Thinking about Him for the first time. Crossing themselves for the first time. Going to church for the first time (if it’s not habitual since childhood). Gradually, a person realizes that the health of his soul and body depends on it. And the faith in the Almighty saves from bad and evil and helps to obtain goodness and kindness.

How Faith Heals Body And Soul

The health of the soul and body. How are they related and can either of them exist without the other? Many types of research and ideas of famous scientists who have nothing to do with religion focus on these questions. But no matter how many people tried to find an answer, they all come to the same conclusion: the health of the soul and body are connected!

Паломничество на Святую землю

Pilgrim Tours to Israel and Palestine

The Holy Land in the Middle East is a place known for a huge number of miracles. We learn about them from the Old Testament. Jesus Christ performed them during His time on earth.

Православные святыни Эстонии

Orthodox Sites In Estonia

Orthodoxy began to spread across the territory of Estonia in the 10th century thanks to preachers from the neighboring Slavic cities of Novgorod and Pskov. In 1030, when the Russians…

Паломничество в Грецию

Pilgrim Tours To Greece

Greece is a country of outstanding culture. It’s the birthplace of ancient heroes, the land of wonderful sea and sun. And for Christians, it’s also a place of worship, where…

Паломничество в Грузию

Pilgrim Tours To Georgia

In ancient times, visiting holy sites of Christianity was a reason why people traveled hundreds and thousands of kilometers, devoting years of their lives to such a journey. 

Паломничество в России

Pilgrim Tours To

Russia is the center of the Eastern Orthodox world. And its capital, Moscow, was nicknamed the “third Rome” after the conquest of Constantinople (“second Rome”) by Muslims. 

Паломничество в Египет

Pilgrim Tours to Egypt

When thinking about ancient civilizations, most people instantly imagine Egypt. Every child knows about this kingdom on the border between Africa and Asia. It’s famous for its pyramids, pharaohs, and Sphinx.

Паломничество в Италию

Pilgrim Tours To Italy

There are places in the world that have played a major role in the spread of Christianity across the globe. Of course, this is the Holy Land where the biblical characters and Jesus Christ lived and where it started. 

Храм великомученицы Екатерины

Church in Pärnu

St Catherine’s Church located in the city of Pärnu is one of the oldest Orthodox churches not only in Estonia but also in the Baltic States. Its background can be traced back to the Great Northern…

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