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The Icon of the Holy Family and its meaning

One of the most beloved subjects in Orthodox iconography is the depiction of the Holy Family. This is not a traditional image but rather a portrait in the Renaissance style. Despite such unusual nature, the icon of the Holy Family is venerated in the Eastern Orthodox Church like many other sacred images.

The Holy Family isn’t widely mentioned in the Gospels, although it proves the fact of the earthly life of Jesus Christ and His human embodiment. Despite multiple speculations about the canonicity of this depiction, there are churches, art objects, and icons dedicated to the Holy Family. Faithful people consider it the ideal model of every Christian family.

The composition always depicts three figures: Jesus as a Child, Mary, and St Joseph. The Holy Child occupies the central part of the painting and His parents are standing behind Him. The whole scene of them together irradiates serenity, peace, and harmony.

It’s believed that the original painting was created in Italy, and its copies were brought to different countries as pieces of art. Today, the icon is revered by many priests and millions of believers, especially in Israel and Russia. Jews and Russian Orthodox see it as a representation of family values and love.

The first miracle of the Holy Family

The veneration of every sacred object usually begins after the miracles it performs. This is exactly what happened to the icon depicting the Holy Family. Brought from Italy as a beautiful portrait, it revealed its wonder-working character only 40 years later.

According to the legend, one lady was suffering from all sorts of troubles at once: her husband was sent to exile, her son was captured by enemies in the war, and their house was taken away. She turned to the Blessed Virgin in the hope to find the solution. And the kindhearted Mother of God showed the poor woman the way. She appeared to her in a dream and told to look for the image of the Holy Family.

The woman went to every church in search of this icon. And finally, she found it. With tremendous fervor, she was praying in front of the image. And the miracle happened: her family came back to her, their name was cleared, and the property was returned.

Everything is possible if you have faith and remember to thank the Almighty and Higher Powers for help and protection. With the image of the Holy Family in front of your eyes, it’s easier to become closer to God and live a righteous life.

Information about the item

The icon of the Holy Family is the most common souvenir that pilgrims bring from Jerusalem. This painting is quite popular in the Holy Land. Local Jews and Christians believe that the patronage of the Holy Family may save them from numerous troubles.

Indeed, prayer in front of the consecrated image has impressive power. You can ask the Holy Family to:

  • save spouses and family members from quarrels;
  • find the right person to marry;
  • multiply love and care;
  • strengthen relationships between family members;
  • free you from debts;
  • raise healthy children.

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Buy the icon of the Holy Family

There’s a tradition of giving the image of the Holy Family to the newlyweds – as if blessing the beginning of family life. In front of this icon, spouses can offer prayers for building strong relationships, raising children, or finding mutual understanding. The sacred image can be a wonderful gift for a wedding day or anniversary and when a child is born.

You can buy the consecrated icon of the Holy Family for yourself or your loved ones. The Andcross Art Store provides a free gift box with every item. The image will bring warmth, harmony, and happiness to any family.

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