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From the book of Metropolitan Cornelius "About my way" Tallinn, 2009

.. our pilgrimage center Andcross organizes trips to the holy places, arranging them in such a way that each group takes a priest with them, who serves prayers, conducts conversations, explains the meaning of spiritual events. Only when there is a living story and the presence of the pastoral word, pastoral help, is it not a "tour", but a real pilgrimage.

2019 is the year when the Andcross Pilgrimage Center celebrates its 20th anniversary.

We express our heartfelt gratitude to His Eminence Eugene, Metropolitan of Tallinn and All Estonia, and to all the clergy of the Eparchies of Tallinn, Narva and Maardu of the Estonian Orthodox Church, who prayerfully accompanied the groups on their pilgrimage. Together with the pilgrims, you overcame all the difficulties on the way, strengthened your faith and carried the Word of God.
Many and Good Summers to you! God bless you!

May God grant that our pilgrimage work will be directed to the fact that the Word of God enters into the soul and life of modern people, and through the grace-filled pilgrimage faith will be strengthened.

Patriarch Kirill of Moscow and All Russia

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