The Icon Of Our Lady of Bethlehem. Buy The Consecrated Replica Of The Holy Image

The Icon of Our Lady of Bethlehem and its history

There’s no more holy spot on earth than the birthplace of Jesus Christ. The small Church of the Nativity is full of a magnificent aura that attracts visitors from all over the world. This is exactly where the icon of Our Lady of Bethlehem can be found.

This sacred image is an outstanding piece of art and an object of worship for millions of Christians. First and foremost, this is the only depiction of the Virgin Mary where she smiles. Traditionally, we see the Mother of God looking sad or worried (because we know how deep her pain and sorrow are). Here, on the contrary, we have the unique opportunity to admire her kind smile.

The history of the icon is full of controversial theories. According to one of them, the image was able to cure the Russian Empress Elizabeth from a serious illness, and the grateful monarch brought it to Bethlehem herself. She also donated her garments and jewelry to “dress” the Queen of Heaven appropriately.

In our time, the Bethlehem Icon of the Virgin Mary is known for numerous miracles and other examples of how the gracious Queen of Heaven helps all children of God through her image.

Miraculous character of this image

The smiling mother of God has a special meaning for Christians. Just like she rejoices at the birth of Christ, so all mankind rejoices because it has found its Savior and hopes to enter the Kingdom of Heaven. The composition shows us the righteous path and reminds us that salvation lies in faith in God.

In the painting, Mary is holding Her Infant. In His left hand he has a cross-bearing orb, and his right hand, he blesses everyone who comes to see the sacred image. The Blessed Virgin points to Christ as if indicating that we must never abandon our trust and faith in Higher Power.

The icon has found its permanent home in the Church of the Nativity in Bethlehem. Unlike some other icons, the treasure never leaves its place in the basilica. Since making a pilgrim trip to Israel may be expensive, it’s better the buy the consecrated reproduction of the wonder-working image.

Information about the item

The icon is a symbol of happy maternity. If you’re dreaming of having children, ask the help of the Theotokos. The gracious and generous Mary will grant the joy of motherhood to every woman who prays with pure thoughts.

The Virgin Mary is the closest person to Our Lord, so every prayer to her has huge power. Many Orthodox believers turn to the miraculous icon to ask for blessings, tranquility, and peace. The prayer may include any of the following requests:

  • to help you conceive;
  • for your children to be happy and healthy;
  • for your personal happiness;
  • to build harmonious relationships;
  • to be healed from disorders of body and soul;
  • to protect the family and loved ones from envious people.

You can buy a consecrated replica of the icon of Our Lady of Bethlehem in the Andcross online store  The size of the item: 5.12” (width) x 7.10” (length) – or 13 x 18 cm. The image is covered with a 999 fine silver plate and comes in two versions: silver and colored.

Buy the icon of Our Lady of Bethlehem

Finding a quality reproduction of this sacred image may be quite difficult – despite its unique character and fame, not many icon painters decide to copy the depiction of the smiling Theotokos. The Andcross Art Store partners with talented and skilled masters who recreate the finest details of the miraculous icon with great devotion and dedication.

The icon of Our Lady of Bethlehem can become a thoughtful gift for a true believer. Place your order today, and let the gentle smile of the Mother of God warm your heart and soul.

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