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There is an Orthodox tradition when complete strangers pray for their brother in faith. During the church service, the priest says the person’s name, and everyone who’s present says the prayer.

For such collective prayer, one just needs to send a commemoration list with the name of his loved one to the church. It can be a prayer for the living or the departed. The name can be mentioned only once or be repeated during 40 services in a row […]

Praying for your loved ones via commemoration lists

A commemoration list is a parishioner’s request to the clergy to mention certain names during the service. In fact, it’s the collective prayer of the entire church for a person. Believers know about the power of such prayers since ancient times, that’s why commemorations turned into Orthodox tradition. There’s a possibility to write such a list in every church […]

Soso and Levan Pavliashvili – Let’s Pray For Our Parents

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