The extract is taken from the website of the TARBEINFO – RUSSKI TELEGRAF publishing house. Monthly newspaper World of Orthodoxy, №11 2010

Pilgrimage Ecclesiastic Educational Center Andcross celebrates 10 years Orthodox pilgrimage is a long-time and honourable tradition for Christ-loving people. It is blessed by the feet of Christ the Saviour Himself, Who, according to the Gospel Book, went “to Jerusalem for the festival of the Passover” (Luke 2:41) with His Mother and righteous Joseph. Church hierarchs, […]

The extract is taken from the website of the TARBEINFO – RUSSKI TELEGRAF publishing house. Monthly newspaper World of Orthodoxy, №6 (63) June 2003

The Easter Trip The pilgrim centre Andcross organized a pilgrim trip to the holy places of the diocese of St Petersburg during Bright Week. Parishioners from Tallinn and other places in northern Estonia went on this trip. A joyful Easter mood was prevailing during the entire journey. The first stop during our pilgrimage was Alexander-Svirsky […]

Happy New 2024 Year !

Dear brothers and sisters! On this bright day, please accept our congratulations on the approaching holidays – New Year 2024 and Christmas! Another year has come to an end, and every single one of us has something to thank Our Lord for: first of all, for the peace that fills our hearts, the hope for […]

Order church service online

There is an Orthodox tradition when complete strangers pray for their brother in faith. During the church service, the priest says the person’s name, and everyone who’s present says the prayer. For such collective prayer, one just needs to send a commemoration list with the name of his loved one to the church. It can […]

Praying for your loved ones via commemoration lists

A commemoration list is a parishioner’s request to the clergy to mention certain names during the service. In fact, it’s the collective prayer of the entire church for a person. Believers know about the power of such prayers since ancient times, that’s why commemorations turned into Orthodox tradition. There’s a possibility to write such a […]

Terms of Partnership

The Andcross Orthodox Art Corporation has been working since 1999. We began with organizing pilgrimage trips for small groups of believers. Today, we work in different countries of the world and we have many fields of activity. We also produce and sell religious objects to brothers in faith all over the world and send parcels […]

Modern problems and salvation of the soul 

We live in an epoch of extraordinary progress. The development of technology and its pace keeps growing every year. Over the past century, people have made more discoveries than in the entire history of human existence. But the faster technological progress is, the more problems emerge on the planet and the harder they are. And […]

Help to restore the church!

Dear brothers and sisters! A tragedy came to the house of God: half of the church burned down. The Andcross Pilgrim Ecclesiastic and Educational Center and the Parish Pastoral Council of the Church of the Mother of God of Kazan ask everyone to provide financial support to continue the restoration process. The repair of the [...]

Silver Items In The Andcross Store

If you ask anyone to enumerate precious metals, most people will immediately name gold and silver. In Christianity, these two metals have not only material but also spiritual value. No wonder there are more than 300 mentions of silver in the Holy Scriptures. In the Middle East, this metal has been used in trade, as […]

The Icon Of The Holy Family. Buy The Consecrated Reproduction Of The Sacred Image

The Icon of the Holy Family and its meaning One of the most beloved subjects in Orthodox iconography is the depiction of the Holy Family. This is not a traditional image but rather a portrait in the Renaissance style. Despite such unusual nature, the icon of the Holy Family is venerated in the Eastern Orthodox […]

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