I want to share my impressions of the trip to Lohusuu. Svetlana

I want to share my impressions of the trip to Lohusuu. There is the Epiphany Orthodox Church. And the beautiful Lake Peipsi.

The local church was built at the end of the 19th century – an old building erected by the masters from the Tsardom of Russia. We learned a lot of interesting things about the history of this church. It turns out that in the 19th century, the locals began to worship the stone, which they considered miraculous. To end this paganism, the decision was made to build a church. At first, it was wooden. Later, a stone church was erected. The money for construction was given by a merchant from St. Petersburg. And that so-called miraculous stone was drowned in the swamp.

We reached Lake Peipsi from the church in about 10 minutes. There was a stunning view there. And the weather was good: it was a sunny, dry, and warm day, but it wasn’t hot. Everything is clean. And the air… it’s so easy to breathe there. And you can’t get enough of this air and the surrounding beauty. We ate freshly caught fish from the lake – it was delicious!

We also had a chat with the local priest. He is a very easy-going person: he explains everything about religion in an easy and understandable manner.

I want to thank the Andcross Pilgrim Center https://www.andcross.ee 

for the opportunity to visit such a blissful trip. Everything became possible thanks to them. I definitely wouldn’t have gone on such a trip alone. But with them, everything was perfectly organized.  

Svetlana –

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