Help to restore the church!

Dear brothers and sisters!

A tragedy came to the house of God: half of the church burned down.

The Andcross Pilgrim Ecclesiastic and Educational Center and the Parish Pastoral Council of the Church of the Mother of God of Kazan ask everyone to provide financial support to continue the restoration process. The repair of the damaged church is not only the physical restoration of the building and its walls. It also strengthens the spirit of parishioners and allows the church to resume its activities.

Anyone can become a part of this God-pleasing activity, regardless of where he lives. And it’s not the sum of donation that matters but the fact of helping the church. Since ancient times, there’s been a tradition to build churches together, brick by brick, with the help of devout Christians. And the church will pray for its benefactors. Prayers of gratitude will sound within the walls of the church as long as the house of God shall stand.

The names of those who provided their assistance to the church in a difficult moment will be cemented in the walls and foundation forever. And for some Christians, participation in the restoration of the damaged church may mark the construction of the temple of God in their souls.

We believe that our prayers will be heard and we are praying for the health and prosperity of you and your loved ones.

Donations can be transferred to the account you see on the banner (see photo).

Pilgrim Ecclesiastic Educational Centre Andcross

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