Terms of Partnership

The Andcross Orthodox Art Corporation has been working since 1999. We began with organizing pilgrimage trips for small groups of believers. Today, we work in different countries of the world and we have many fields of activity.

We also produce and sell religious objects to brothers in faith all over the world and send parcels to any continent. Our products are available in the online store https://andcross.eu

We have our own workshop for the production of icons, folding icons, icon cases (kiots), and other religious goods. Orthodox workshops and individual craftsmen from numerous countries of the world already partnered with us. We offer customers a wide variety of icons, crosses, church literature, and Christian jewellery and always strive to expand our range of goods with new types of products.

Our business is continuously developing. Therefore, we invite firms, companies, and private craftsmen to work with us. We are ready to discuss joint projects aiming to produce or sell Christian goods. We accept products for sale and give tasks for creating new items at customers’ requests.

Our email address for the questions about partnership is store@andcross.ee We will be glad to welcome new people to our team and benefit from every cooperation.

Together we can increase the production and sales of religious goods for the brothers in the faith.

Pilgrim Ecclesiastic Educational Centre Andcross

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