This was my 3rd pilgrim trip organized by Andcross in 7 years. Victor

This was my 3rd pilgrim trip organized by Andcross in 7 years. I’ve been to the local holy sites, but this year, I decided to make a long journey to the Valaam Monastery. The entire group was well prepared by the organizers: starting with the prayers we need to read and ending with the weather forecast and recommendations on what clothes to put on.

There was a priest with us on that trip. We talked a lot about the places we are going to and about Orthodoxy in general. The priest was a very educated and down-to-earth person. We also watched a video about the monastery. So, not a single second was wasted on the road. When we arrived at our destination, we already knew a lot.

Valaam simply stunned me with its energy. You can feel an incredible power there. It’s hard to describe this but it needs to be felt. During our visit, we saw every corner of the monastery, attended the services, and had a chance to confess and talk with the monks. The people there are strong, as is the place itself.

There are many miraculous shrines in the monastery. When standing in front of them, I asked the Lord to help me deal with my problems and the hardships of my loved ones. I think that’s what most pilgrims come for – to ask for God’s mercy.

Now I regret that I haven’t visited this holy site earlier and I intend to come back.

Victor –

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