This review, perhaps, is about the most significant event in my life – Elena

This review, perhaps, is about the most significant event in my life. Of course, not to mention my wedding and the birth of my children. I talk about my pilgrim trip to the Holy Land in Israel. I won’t be telling you that it was easy and cheap – not at all. But I’m an avid pilgrim. I’ve been traveling to the holy sites of our region since 2008. And these trips are always with the Andcross Spiritual and Ecclesiastic center 

Some of my fellow travelers have become like family to me. And all this time, I was getting ready for the main pilgrim trip that a Christian can go on.

Although it was a long journey, it went smoothly and as planned. Because everything was planned – orders and payments have been made. Overall, no stress. Accommodation, transport, meals – the organizers took care of everything. And we, the travelers, had nothing to do but to think about the salvation of our souls, pray and thank Our Lord for bringing us to the Holy Land.

We were able to worship shrines that are 2,000 years old. The emotions are indescribable. When you walk on the same ground that Jesus used to walk or when you touch what he touched. Or you bathe in the Jordan River with the water in which He was baptized.

I want to tell you that I went to the Holy Land being mentally and physically ill. But I had a belief that the trip would help me in solving my problems. And you know, I really felt a lot better. Someone may think that this is self-deceptiveness. And we, the Orthodox, know that this is Our Lord who helps us, sinners.

Many thanks to the organizers of this trip!  

Elena – 

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