The health of the soul and body. How are they related and can either of them exist without the other? Many types of research and ideas of famous scientists who have nothing to do with religion focus on these questions. But no matter how many people tried to find an answer, they all come to the same conclusion: the health of the soul and body are connected!

People try to approach this issue from different points of view. But their research will never be complete without understanding the main thing: faith in the Almighty creates a link between the soul and body!

No wonder the stories of Jesus Christ healing people’s souls and bodies have special significance among all his miracles. For example, they are widely described in the Gospel Book.

The Savior had the power to perform any miracles. He could probably shower people with gold, erect a majestic city in an instant, or create a blooming oasis in the middle of the desert. Would people recognize his power then? Of course, they would. At least, the biggest part of them. But admitting the fact that God exists is not actually true faith.

Therefore, Jesus wasn’t performing his miracles to impress others. The word was His way to attract believers. He was telling about the Kingdom of God in such a passionate way that thousands of people came to listen to Him. And they began believing in God without even getting any real assets and without witnessing His incredible manifestations of power. But when Christ saw seriously ill people He always delivered them from suffering. He was doing it out of love for them. The healed came to faith in God, and so did those around them. It’s important to understand that there wasn’t any kind of deal: I give you something – you give me something in return, I treat your illness – you become religious. Not at all! The Savior helped everyone out of His love and compassion for people in trouble. And they began to sincerely believe in Him.

As Jesus healed more sick, the word about Him spread across Israel. People suffering from multiple disorders were taken and brought to Him. And He helped them all, He didn’t turn away from anyone.

There are many stories describing healing in the Gospel Book because Christ performed them everywhere He went. And they have a deep meaning. Health is not something that you have, then lose, and then get again. The Savior made people realize why they were sick, how their physical health is connected with the soul and how their sins could be the reason for falling ill.

For example, in the city of Capernaum, before curing a sick man who had been immobile for many years, Jesus said: “Your sins are forgiven”. He could have cured the man without saying anything. However, the gathered crowd wouldn’t understand why the immobile patient began to walk again all of the sudden. And thanks to the word, it becomes clear that one needs to lead a righteous life to stay healthy.

There are also other examples. When walking in the streets of Jerusalem, Christ stopped next to a beggar who was born blind, and His disciples wondered: who is sinful here – the blind man or his parents? And the Savior replied:

“Neither he nor his parents sinned. But this happened to him so that the works of God may display on him. And I will do these works because that’s why God sent Me into the world. I am the light of the world”.

After these words, the Savior performed a miracle by making the blind see. And this is also symbolic. Because many of us live as if in darkness: our eyes work but they don’t see the light because there is no faith in our souls. Only a meeting with God helps us to see clearly. In the story described above, it wasn’t metaphoric. But when it comes to us, seeing clearly is related to our thoughts and emotions.

So, a person living in the darkness of unbelief begins to understand that something is wrong with his soul and body. Then he begins to look for ways to improve his condition. He may take medicine, exercise, or go to a therapy session. There are many options. And some of them have a certain effect: the blood pressure decreases, the muscles tighten, sleep is improved, and so on. But there is no complete healing of the soul and body. A person isn’t happy and loving. Then he keeps searching for other ways.

Saint Isaac the Syrian once said: “Whoever is sick and knows his illness should seek healing”. And this largely echoes with the words of Jesus Christ “Seek, and you will find”, just in a narrower sense.

A person’s journey to faith is always unique. Trying to comprehend the wisdom of Christianity, it’s good to learn prayers, read them, buy icons, pray in front of them at home, attend church, listen to sermons, seek advice from the clergy, and take Holy Communion. It’s better to do all this.

Later, any Christian seeking salvation of the soul needs to do the same things but in a broader sense. To attend not only the local church but also make pilgrimages. To talk not only with the local priest but also meet with wise monks. To go to holy springs. Trips to holy sites give strength and energy for further achievements. A believer comes back home with healing grace.

Mankind lives in a sinful world. And the vices weaken us more than viruses and microbes. It’s impossible to stay healthy only by going to the gym, eating vitamins, and counting calories. Yes, sports and proper nutrition should be present in every person’s life. But the main thing that we all need to feel fully healthy on physical and mental levels is sincere faith in God!

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