Паломничество на Святую землю

The Holy Land in the Middle East is a place known for a huge number of miracles. We learn about them from the Old Testament. Jesus Christ performed them during His time on earth. The tradition of performing miracles was continued by His disciples. Their powerful prayers healed the incurable, resurrected the dead, parted the waters, and made impregnable walls collapse.

Nowadays, pilgrims from all parts the world come to the Holy Land (the territory of Israel and Palestine) with faith in miracles. Touching the thousand-year-old sanctuaries, people ask to heal them from physical and mental disorders and solve their problems. They believe that everything is possible thanks to the graciousness of God.

Every corner of this sanctified land is associated with the biblical stories mentioned in the Old and New Testaments. In ancient times, believers spent years on pilgrimage, trying to reach the Holy Land. Risking their lives and dying on the road from illnesses, hunger, or enemies. Today it’s much easier to make this life-changing journey. You just need to contact the Andcross Pilgrim Ecclesiastic and Educational Center. The company has a huge experience in organizing such trips because they have been doing it for more than two decades. They know the best days and times for visiting sanctuaries and make sure you won’t end up standing in front of the closed door. They know how to organize transfers and overnight stays so you won’t be bothered with everyday routine and devote all your time and thoughts to communicating with God.

Tours to the Holy Land include a visit to all significant religious sites. Find more information on the website of the Center.

Jerusalem is the main city of the Holy Land. It would be fair to assume that this is also the most significant city in the world for all Christians. The Church of the Holy Sepulchre erected on the site where Christ’s crucifixion, burial, and Resurrection took place is located here. This sanctuary is revered equally in all branches of Christianity. Calvary (or Golgotha) is a part of the sanctuary. Pilgrims can walk the same path, along which the Savior once carried His cross. Another legendary mountain, Zion, is also located in the city. The Last Supper and the Assumption of the Virgin Mary took place there. The tomb of Saint Mary is located on the slope of Mount of Olives in the Kidron valley.

The second most important magnet for pilgrims is the city of Bethlehem. Jesus Christ was born here and the spread of Christianity began in this place. The main attraction for believers is the Grotto of the Nativity, the cave where the new era began more than 2,000 years ago. There are also sanctuaries near Bethlehem that are mentioned in the Old Testament. For example, Rachel’s tomb, which is located on the road to Jerusalem and is revered not only by Christians but also by Muslims and Jews.

Galilee is a region in the north of the Holy Land where the Savior spent most of his earthly life. The city of Nazareth is located there and this is where the Annunciation (when the archangel Gabriel informed the Virgin Mary of the upcoming birth of her Son) took place. Most of the apostles also came from Galilee.

The Jordan River is the place where Jesus Christ was baptized. Believers consider it a great blessing to bathe in the same river or enter it from the same banks. In the Bible, the Jordan River is not associated with Jesus alone. The Old Testament describes many miracles that are associated with this river. Its waters parted before the people of Israel on their way to the Promised Land, and before the prophet Elijah.

One of the most impressive events of the Bible – the Transfiguration of Jesus – took place on Mount Tabor. John, James, and Peter, the three closest disciples of the Savior, discovered the Divine essence of their Teacher and the mystery of the Holy Trinity. Now there are Orthodox and Catholic monasteries on the top of this mountain.

In the city of Jericho, the remains of the walls that were destroyed by the sound of trumpets are still preserved. Pilgrims can touch this evidence of the infinite power of the Lord.

Jaffa is one of the oldest cities in the world. It has always been full of life. In the Bible, it’s primarily associated with the reign of King Solomon. And once, Peter the Apostle resurrected a righteous Christian woman here.

In the monasteries located in the desert, pilgrims can learn how powerful the true zeal for faith can be. This can only happen in such abandoned places, where there seems to be no life at all but where people have been serving God for thousands of years. And the monks preserved many ancient relics so people from all parts of the world can come and worship them.

The Andcross Pilgrim Ecclesiastic and Educational Center organizes tours not only to Israel and Palestine but also to other countries where you can see Orthodox sanctuaries: Greece, Georgia, and Russia. Each pilgrim can choose a trip for himself, depending on the amount of time he is willing to devote and the distance. In any case, pilgrimage is a deed pleasing to the Lord, which gives strength, strengthens faith, and saves from troubles.

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