The Icon of Our Lady of Vladimir. Buy the Byzantine icon copy

The Icon of Our Lady of Vladimir This icon of the Theotokos is the earliest miraculous icon that has survived to the present day. Moreover, it’s one of the most revered icons of the Russian Orthodox Church. The silver-plated icon of Our Lady of Vladimir has a beautiful history. Its creation is rooted in the […]

The name Jesus. What it means and how it sounds in other languages

QUESTION The name Jesus – what’s its meaning? ANSWER: Every name has a special meaning. But even if this wasn’t true, there would exist one name with a powerful meaning – it’s Jesus. The Scripture says that Christ was given a name that was “above any other”. All heavenly, earthly and hellish creatures had to […]

How to Strengthen Faith with the Help of Pilgrimage

Don’t you know that going on a pilgrimage is a great opportunity to strengthen your faith? When you travel to a shrine or sacred site as a devotee, you can make new discoveries, feel God’s love, enjoy His care, and establish companionship with other devoted followers. Any pilgrimage tour serves as a unique, unforgettable trip […]

The Icon of the Holy Trinity

In God, there is no division. Using this knowledge, Christianity for centuries defeated paganism, in which anything could be recognized as a god. The Son of God, Jesus Christ, is also God himself. The Holy Spirit also represents God in the Holy Trinity. However, there is no contradiction here. Even though God is one, He […]

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