The Icon Of Our Lady of Vladimir. Buy The Consecrated Replica Of The Byzantine Image

The Icon of Our Lady of Vladimir and its origin Sacred images are an inseparable part of Orthodoxy. They are called “windows into heaven”, and some icons helped not only individuals but the entire nation. Among the most beloved and revered symbols in the Eastern Church is the icon of Our Lady of Vladimir. The […]

Recovery By Praying At Home

Believers know that God can help a person recover even if modern medicine is powerless. You can hear numerous stories in any church when there’s a miraculous icon. Or when there’s a holy spring on its territory. Parishioners pray, kiss icons, bathe in springs, and miracles happen. The blind begin to see, the deaf begin […]

Icon of St Spyridon

Among Orthodox Christians, Spyridon, Bishop of Trimythous is considered one of the most revered saints. He is one of those patrons who help in everyday life. People turn their prayers to him when they need help in dealing with daily difficulties related to work, house, or finances. Spyridon spent his earthly life on the island […]

Orthodox Literature

When it comes to prayer and faith, the main thing is to be sincere. A heartfelt “God, forgive me!” is much stronger than a prayer that you mindlessly repeat without understanding its meaning. A simple and short appeal to the Almighty is typical for those who only begin their faith journey. As it grows stronger, […]

The Icon Of St Panteleimon. Buy The Consecrated Reproduction Of The Sacred Image

The Icon of St Panteleimon (Pantaleon). Who is this saint? Physical well-being is the first and the main thing we wish our family and friends. Health is a valuable asset that you cannot buy. However, improvement of health and truly miraculous healing can be achieved through an ardent prayer to the icon of St Panteleimon […]

The Icon of Mother-of-God of Kazan.

The Icon of Mother-of-God of Kazan The icon of Our Lady of Kazan is of special significance for the Orthodox. It is also venerated by Catholic believers, and the entire Christian world knows about its countless miracles. The icon is famous for its complicated but interesting history, which dates back to the 13th century. According [...]

The Icon Of St Spyridon Bishop Of Trimythous. Buy The High-Quality Replica Of The Miraculous Image

The Icon of St Spyridon Bishop of Trimythous When in desperate need of help and protection, we seek the assistance of Higher Powers. And the saints are always there to hear us out. Thousands of people across the world make requests in front of the icon of St Spyridon: this saint is deeply honored by […]

The Icon Of St Nicholas the Wonderworker. Buy The Quality Reproduction Of The Byzantine Image

The Icon of St Nicholas the Wonderworker It’s impossible to imagine an Orthodox church without the icon of St Nicholas the Wonderworker in it. However, he is venerated by Catholics as well – the impressive statues of the saint decorate facades and interiors of the cathedrals across Europe. There is no other saint that is […]

The Icon Of Guardian Angel.

The Icon of Guardian Angel “Guardian angel” is quite a widespread notion in modern society, yet, this heavenly being has a special meaning for Christians. Simply speaking, he is a creation of the Almighty, which is assigned to keep an eye on us. The icon of the Guardian Angel should be present in the house [...]

The Seven Arrows Icon.

How the Seven Arrows Icon was found In traditional iconography, the Blessed Virgin is always depicted with her Son. However, there are some images where she is painted alone. One of them is the Seven Arrows Icon – the painting with a powerful meaning. No one knows when and by who this artwork has been [...]

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