The Icon Of St Nectarios.

The Icon Of St Nectarios. Buy The Consecrated Replica Of The Sacred Image Online

The Icon of St Nectarios

Nectarios of Aegina is one of the most revered saints in the Eastern Orthodox Church. Multitudes of people from all parts of the world visit his relics at the Holy Trinity Monastery on Aegina. Those who aren’t able to make such a trip, pray in front of the icon of St Nectarios at the nearest church or at home.

During his lifetime, St Nectarios had to endure many troubles because of the intrigues of the envious clergy. He was born into a poor family under the name of Anastasios and always suffered from a lack of money. From an early age, the boy had a thirst for knowledge in theology and love of God. At the age of 14, he left home and moved to Constantinople to earn money for his education.

Simplicity and asceticism always attracted Anastasios. His ideal life was to be a monk, keep serving God, and pray in solitude to become closer to the Almighty. He joined the monastery at the age of 30 and after 3 years of hard praying and studying Holy Scriptures, he was ordained deacon.

Nectarios was talented, hard-working, wished nothing for himself, and was more worried about other people than himself. As he was appointed a bishop, the jealousy of some of his colleagues only grew. Evil tongues and gossip made him resign from this high position, and he spent the rest of his days as a monk.

What is he doing for Christians? Main wonders of the saint

Today, the saint serves as a symbol of strong faith in God and a pure and selfless life – exactly what Jesus Christ taught us to be. The humility, spotless life, and virtues of Nectarios made him popular among believers. Even having suffered from numerous troubles, he never abandoned his beliefs.

Nectarios was the most educated man of his time. He was an author of numerous books, preaching, and written works that are a priceless heritage of modern Orthodoxy. And as for the miracles, they began immediately after his death. According to witnesses, the shirt removed from the body of the saint accidentally fell on the bed nearby, where a paralyzed man had been lying. And he became healthy at once.

In Greece, the homeland of the saint, they say: there’s no incurable disease for St Nectarios. He himself died from cancer, and now people turn to him with prayer when there’s almost no hope of being cured. The saint was helping people during his time on earth and he keeps doing it even after he’s gone.

Information about the product

Praying in front of the relics and icons depicting Nectarius of Aegina, people ask for healing from oncological disorders and other serious and incurable diseases. He also helps to get rid of addictions. Having been poor his entire life, the saint also helps to solve difficult financial situations.

There are no obstacles if a person has strong faith and pure intentions. Buy the icon of St Nectarios online and let its miraculous nature lead you through the hard times.

You can buy a consecrated reproduction of Nectarius of Aegina in the Andcross online store The size of the item: 5.12” (width) x 7.10” (length) – or 13 x 18 cm. The image is covered with 999 fine silver and has a stable wooden stand at the back.

Buy the icon of St Nectarios

Having a sacred image in front of your eyes when your address the saints is important – it helps strengthen your faith in the good outcome and makes you closer to God. When you purchase the icon that is made by artisans in the monastery workshops, you receive part of the divine blessing with the item. There’s a belief that everything that a person makes absorbs his intentions and mood.

Our icons are created by Christians with the blessing and faith in the Almighty. You can buy the icon of St Nectarios for yourself or as a gift for a family member of your brother in faith. All items you purchase in the Andcross Art Store come with a beautiful gift box.

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