St George Icon For Sale. How The Image Of St George Helps Christians

St George icon and its significance for Orthodox Christians

Every person in the world knows the name of St George. He is the saint that connects people from different cultures and religions. Muslims have legends about him, Eastern Orthodox buy St George icons, and Catholics depict the warrior on the stained glasses in their cathedrals.

Although he is venerated by many, little is known about his time on earth. There are plenty of controversial stories about the life of the saint. It’s generally believed that he was a Christian soldier under the command of the pagan Roman Emperor. Because of his faith, he was arrested and tortured for seven days. St George died a martyr after being executed.

That’s why people pray to him when they need strength, courage, and endurance. It’s possible to turn to the saint for improving your faith and dealing with difficult life situations.

The patron saint and defender: how St George helps people?

St George is loved by religious artists – he is depicted on multiple frescoes, mosaics, statues, and sacred images. The most recognizable depiction portrays him as a horse rider slaying the dragon. This image of warrior derives from the legends where the saint saves the village from the cruel beast. The dragon represents the Devil’s craving to corrupt innocent souls.

In many countries, Saint George is the symbol of justice, valor, and patriotism. Several countries, regions, and cities call him their patron saint and defender. In Eastern Orthodox Church, the meaning of the icon of St George the Warrior is simple but clear: with his spear, he puts an end to the terror of paganism.

St George was canonized because he didn’t give up on God. Neither wealth nor power made him abandon his beliefs. That is why he serves as a symbol of unshakable faith for many Christians. Men, women, and even children can turn their prayers to this saint and he will hear everyone. Sometimes, it’s enough to just say simple words coming from the heart and light a candle in front of his image.

Most people believe that St George is the patron saint of warriors and soldiers only. Mothers pray to him to bring their sons back alive and innocent people ask for peace and conflict resolutions.

About this item

It’s hard to imagine what the lives of Christians would be without the assistance of saints. Sincere prayer is able to solve all complicated issues, and strengthen our faith in God and ourselves. When praying in front of the St George icon, people can make many requests:

  • victory in the battles and armed conflicts;
  • protection from malice and hostile party;
  • support in challenging life situations;
  • finding peace (including peace of the soul);
  • good weather, rich harvest, and fertile land;
  • coming back to the right path in life;
  • protection from cataclysms.

The Andcross art store has consecrated images of St George the Warrior in stock. The dimensions of the item: 5.12” (width) x 7.10” (length) – or 13 x 18 cm. The handmade painting has plenty of small details and is covered with 999 fine silver. Every product comes with a gift box.

Why you should buy St George icon online

Not only military men can pray to this saint. In the hour of need, any believer can turn to the Martyr with his request. By the way, it will be good not only to ask for what you need or desire but also to thank the saint for listening and transferring messages to Our Lord.

By buying the icon of St George the Warrior at the Andcross art store, you bring the patronage of one of the revered saints to your house. Every item is an amazing piece of art handmade by Christian artisans. It will serve you and your family for generations and will keep you safe from all troubles and problems.

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