Russia Pskov 25-26 February 2019

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The House of the Holy Trinity – so since ancient times called the glorious city of Pskov. The appearance of one of the first Orthodox cities in Russia is closely connected with the Holy Trinity Cathedral. It was here, after the holy baptism in Constantinople in 957, that Princess Olga saw three light-bearing rays illuminating from the sky the elevation at the confluence of two rivers – the Pskov and the Great. She prayed for a long time and prophetically said that “in this place the city will be great, glorious and abundant”, and ordered to build a church in the name of the Holy Life-Giving Trinity

Every year, the day of memory of the Holy Equal-to-the-Apostles Princess Olga of Russia on July 24 is celebrated as a temple and citywide holiday with a large gathering of people. Divine Liturgies are served in all the churches of the city on July 24, and at the end of the service, Religious Processions gather from all the churches and go to the Cathedral Square in the Kremlin, for a Solemn prayer service of the Bishop. This is one of the main events of the Pskov Diocese and for several years the Processions have become a good tradition.

The revered shrine of the church – cancer with the relics of the saints: the blessed Princes Vsevolod-Gabriel, Dovmont-Timothy, St. Blas. St. Nicholas the Fool for Christ’s sake, and St. Nicholas the Fool for Christ’s sake. Joasaph the Abbot of Snetogorsky, as well as the Miraculous Icons of the Mother of God.

Every day, the Divine Liturgy, other divine services, and the sacraments of the Holy Spirit are performed here. Orthodox Churches, prayers at the shrine with Holy relics and Miraculous icons.

The whole life of the Pskov people is filled with the Orthodox faith. And this faith was strengthened with the birth of monastic life.

The first monastery appeared in the Mirozhsky monastery in 1156. Gradually, there were more and more monasteries – Snetogorsky, Spaso-Eliazarovsky, Krypetsky monasteries, and Nikandrova deserts. Life in these abodes is now being revived. The Pechersk and Svyatogorsky monasteries became a place of special pilgrimage for Orthodox people.

In the life of every Orthodox person, at least once there is a secret desire to visit the holy places. Every pilgrim who comes to the Pskov land finds a special spiritual mood. The primeval nature, the silence, the holy springs, the prayer of the monks, the conversation with the priest-all this gives you the opportunity to look inside yourself and find unity with God.

A truly blessed land.

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