Holy Land 17-26.04.2007

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There is in the East, under the blue vault of heaven, a small corner of the earth, destined from time immemorial by the Creator Himself to be the focus of the aspirations of all peoples and tribes who seek the true God and His providence on earth. As the heart is in man, so for thousands of years this promised land has poured out of itself, as from a spring of pure and inexhaustible, the power of spiritual life and unearthly truths that point man to the ideal to which he must tirelessly strive in order to achieve perfection. In the views of Christian peoples, this promised country has always seemed to be the pinnacle of the world, crowned with a Life-giving Cross, on which a terrible sacrifice was made about the human race, “wrote Fyodor Konstantinovich Grekov (Paleologist), an employee of the magazine” Russian Pilgrim ” at the end of the XIX century.

This country was called and is still called in different ways: The Promised Land, the Land of Canaan, Israel, Palestine, the Holy Land… This small corner of the earth is especially highlighted by God’s providence. Most of the events described in the Bible took place here. A righteous man once came to the Promised Land Abraham, laying the foundation for the God-chosen people and their faith in the One God. Here the prophet Moses led the people of God from the Egyptian captivity. Kings David and Solomon ruled here, and the prophets proclaimed the will of God to the people and spoke of the coming of the Savior into the world. Here passed the earthly life of our Lord Jesus Christ – from Nativity to Ascension.

In the Holy Land, to this day, everything preaches the gospel of Christ, and therefore it is sometimes called the fifth Gospel.

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