Greece September 2018

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Roads and cities where the Holy Apostles Paul and St. Andrew preached The First-Called.

Places where the saints asceticized, and monasteries erected there, spiritual pharos. Myrrh-streaming, miraculous icons that came to us from the first centuries of Christianity. The relics of the saints, where every day the Lord glorifies his saints of God through miracles. Holy Mount Athos, Patras – the city of the holy martyrdom of the Holy Apostle Andrew the First-Called, here in the magnificent cathedral are kept the cross on which the holy apostle and His holy head were crucified. Monasteries of Kalavrita – here is the miraculous icon of the Most Holy The Virgin made by the Evangelist Luke himself. The island of Aegina is like a lighthouse of Orthodoxy, the monastery of St. Nicholas. The Trinity Cathedral was founded by Saint Nectarius of Aegina, a modern light of Orthodoxy. Meteora-8 wonder of the world, “floating monasteries”, since the 10th century hermit monks built monasteries,which still touch and surprise the Orthodox believer.

The heritage of the Greek land and its Orthodox history is so rich that it is impossible to describe or embrace the whole mass of holy places of grace at one time.

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