Egypt-Sinai April 2007

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Mount Sinai or Mount Moses

Mount Moses, also called Horeb and Sinai – is a mountain located on the Sinai Peninsula. It became famous due to the fact that it was here that after a forty-day fast, Moses received the commandments from the hands of the Most High, which were inscribed on two stone tablets. Information about the exact place where this event occurred is lost. Therefore, since the IV century AD, Christians and Muslims have revered the Sinai Mount Horeb as the Mount of Moses. Mount Sinai in Egypt has become a place of pilgrimage for many Christians from all over the world. As early as the second century AD. hermit Christians began to search for famous places mentioned in the Bible. They began to settle in the Sinai Peninsula, and already in 330 found a mountain under which grew a large thorn bush. The Empress Elena made a donation, which went to the construction of a chapel and a tower at the foot of Mount Sinai. In 547, by order of Justinian the Great, a monastery was built on the site of this chapel, which was named after the saint. Catherine. Excursions to this mountain are quite an interesting and informative journey. But it is worth remembering some rules for a more comfortable pastime. Do not doubt your abilities. Regardless of age, the climb, which lasts 2-3 hours, will not seem so difficult. It is only necessary to correctly calculate your strength, as well as get comfortable shoes and clothes. You should also take things warmer than they should be at this time of year. For example, in the summer, it is not superfluous to grab a thick windbreaker and a warm sweater. It is always much colder at the top than at the bottom, and the wind blows. The ascent to the top is divided into sections, between which there are parking lots for recreation. Do not immediately take a fast pace, you need to properly distribute the forces. If you feel tired, then rest normally. Nothing terrible will happen if you fall behind the group, as groups of pilgrims constantly climb to the top. You can get there with other people, and the “native” group will already be waiting on the spot. It is necessary to drink more regular water and breathe evenly. Also, moral support, especially for children and the elderly, will not be superfluous. At a normal pace and compliance with the rules, the ascent will only be a pleasure. But it is worth saving your strength for the last section, which is the steepest.

The dawn on Mount Sinai is something incredible. It turns the mountains golden, and the valley far below begins to come to life, shrouded in darkness until then, it suddenly lights up with extraordinary colors. According to legend, a pilgrimage to the mountain and the meeting of the dawn here removes all the sins of life from a person.