August 2010 Shrines of the Pskov land

Для просмотра фотографий нажмите на фотографию и можете приблизить с помощью колёсика или пальцев на мобильном телефоне. Также обратите внимание что под фотографией интерфейс для слайдшоу (кнопка плей по середине) и стрелочки для навигации по фотографиям.


Never forget, even in the darkest days of your life, to thank God for everything. He is waiting for it and will send you new blessings and gifts. A person with a grateful heart never needs anything. Instruction from the elder Archpriest Nikolai Guryanov.

Pilgrimage to these holy places changes for the better the life of each person who once stepped on this holy ground. Having been here, he carries invisible particles of grace in his heart, which will surely bring wondrous fruit.

The house of the Holy Trinity – Trinity Cathedral is a symbol of the Pskov land. The modern building of the cathedral is the fourth. The place for the temple was chosen by Princess Olga herself. Standing on the bank of the river Velika, she had a vision of three rays above the cape, at the confluence of the rivers Velika and Pskova. At Olga’s command the first wooden Trinity cathedral was laid. The now existing Trinity cathedral was built during 17 years and was finished in 1699. It is significantly different from the previous ones, first of all, because of its height, which exceeds 70 meters. The Cathedral is crowned with five heads that symbolize Christ and the four Evangelists. The cathedral amazes with its rich decoration. There is a unique seven-tier iconostasis of gilded wood.

The miracle-working icon of Our Lady of Chirsk is especially revered by the citizens of Pskov. It was brought to the cathedral in 1420 by a religious procession to commemorate the deliverance of Pskov inhabitants from pestilence.

The relics of saint saints are kept in the church: of saint princes Vsevolod-Gavriel and Dovmont-Timothei, of Pskov, holy martyr Joasaph, hegumen of the Snetogorsk monastery, and St. Blessed Nicholas the Fool for Christ, wonderworker of Pskov.