“Just we returned from a pilgrimage trip to St. Petersburg and the monastery of Alexander Svirsky from August 17-19. Joy with gratitude overwhelms all the senses. The highest professionalism in the organization of the trip. A very complex program - we visited the BLJ chapel. St. Xenia of St. Petersburg, the Church of St. Andrew of Crete, the all-night service in St. Isaac's Cathedral and drove through the historical center of St. Petersburg. On Sunday, August 18 , they prayed at the Liturgy in the men's Holy Trinity Alexander Svirsky Monastery with the service of Abbot Anthony and the festive choir. And on a holiday On the Transfiguration of the Lord on August 19, we were honored to pray together with His Holiness Patriarch Kirill of All Russia at the Transfiguration Cathedral in Moscow St. Petersburg. There they received communion and all received a Blessing from the Patriarch Kirill. The whole group was filled with festive and prayerful joy. Many thanks to the organizer of the trip Marina for her work and love for people. May the Lord give health to all !”

View more details, August 2019, Raisa, Maardu

“I always dreamed of visiting Valaam, reading about the monastery, watching a movie. And this year I turned to the pilgrimage service, which organizes trips there from Tallinn in the summer. But I was told that the group has already been recruited, there are no places. There was a new expanded program on Valaam with visits to historical monasteries. Now I am not giving up hope to wait for the next season and sign up in advance for a pilgrimage with the Ancross service. I know you can trust them completely. Thank You. I wish you interesting and new pilgrimage routes.”

View more details, August 2019, Igor-Tallinn, I live in Lasnamäe

“I have been on many trips with pilgrims. We always visit interesting prayed historical temples and monasteries. Thanks to the pilgrimage, I became a church-going person, my views on life have changed, and the Lord helps me. I thank the organizers of such trips for all your good deeds.”

View more details, August 2019, Lydia – St. John the Baptist Church, Nimme.

“My wife and I were on a pilgrimage to the Holy Land in 2017. The trip was organized by the Andcross Pilgrimage Service and led by a priest Nicholas of Paldiski. We prayed in the Church of the Holy Sepulchre, in the women's Gornensky Monastery and in the Church of the Nativity...”

View more details, August, 2019 – the Abramov family , Inna and Sergey. Parishioners of the temple in Lasnamae

“For many years I have been on pilgrimage with the Andcross service. I have visited various trips , but I especially like to visit the island of Valaam, the Spaso-Preobrazhensky Monastery. There is a special austerity, a special prayer, and a special silence. The organizers of the trip will...”

View more details, Alla is a parishioner of the Alexander Nevsky Cathedral, Tallinn

“For the first time I went to the Pühtitsa monastery for the feast of the Pühtitsa Icon of God Mothers-At the source - . Thank you, how well everything was organized ! Marina-the head of the group, helped me, explained everything and showed the whole monastery...”

View more details, Anna 17 years old, novice pilgrim

“Thank you so much for the wonderful little pilgrimage on August 02 to the Ilyinsky Skete of the Pühtitsa Convent . Everything was very correctly calculated according to the time of arrival from Tallinn, we were in time for the very beginning of the service. Everyone explained...”

View more details, Evgenia is a parishioner of the Alexander Nevsky Cathedral, Tallinn

“I really like to make pilgrimage tours with your company. I have seen many wonderful Holy places in Russia. Especially the soul is calmed by conversations with the priests. Many thanks to the pilgrimage Service for this activity.”

View more details, Galina is a regular pilgrim

“I have been pilgrimage 2 times with the Andcross company in Georgia. It was difficult to organize, because there were no pilgrims in Georgia for a long time. But the program was organized for us very diverse and complex. We prayed in the ancient temples of Tbilisi, Mtskheta...”

View more details, Larisa is a parishioner of the Alexander Nevsky Cathedral, Tallinn.

“I would like to express my deep gratitude to the Andcross pilgrimage company for many years of visiting the Pühtitsa Convent . Because of my health, I can't make long trips , but Pühtitsa strengthens me. Trips with pilgrims are always very well organized, on the way there is a prayer of all the canons for Holy Communion. The kindness of the trip managers surrounds everyone, they will always help. I visit Pühtitsa for a year and am very grateful for everything. Thank you very much!”

View more details, Olga parishioner of the Church of the Mother of God Skoroposlushnitsa, Lasnamae

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