The Shroud of Turin May 18-25, 2010

A pilgrimage trip to Italy requires special preparation and the right attitude, because its participants will not have an ordinary excursion trip, but a serious meeting with the most important and most revered general Christian shrines. The relics of the Catholic Church are of exceptional importance for Orthodox believers. First, in the Italian land there are many common Christian apostles and saints who lived before the separation of the churches. Secondly, the legacy of the Crusades, as a result of which the Catholic world “acquired” a fair amount of sacred artifacts from the Holy Land, affects. In the churches of Rome, Venice, Florence, Bari and other cities, the relics of the holy Apostles Paul, Mark, Thomas, Matthew and Andrew, venerated in Russia by St. Nicholas, are carefully preserved. Among the world-famous shrines are the Shroud of Turin with the manifested image of Christ, the Savior’s manger, the staircase that led Jesus to Pontius Pilate, parts of the Cross of the Lord and the crown of thorns. Visiting churches dedicated to a saint is accompanied by a detailed guide’s account of his life and martyrdom.

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